Indelible Management is an artist management agency based in the Netherlands.
The name ‘Indelible’, which relates to among other things like: unforgetable, impact, irremovable and performed actions (good or bad) is the basis of the performance of work. Everything you do is indelible; creative, career and especially in business field. Making choices is important for artists, and our goal is to do it well. Management is making choices. We offer our clients the best knowledge and guide them in the best possible way. Our mission statement:

‘Branding our artists on international scale, and developing a high quality and successful career for our artists’

The tree that can be seen in the Indelible logo is based on the sequoia tree. This tree is characterized by its large size. We feel connected to this phenomenon because it represents power, range, time and unprecedented opportunities.

Passion for music is our focus; it is our energy and motivation to guide our clients in their careers.


What is artist management? Well… all the services described here combined within one indivual collaboration supplemented with all the things you can imagine. Do you dare to work with us? Consider a demosubmission and maybe we get to work together!


Should I/we do continue on this label offer? Does this proposal comes at a good time in my career? Who and what people do I need? What do you think about our strategy? Wan you give us feedback about our online presentation? Whether you need a one-time conversation or a structural consult. This is the way to ask us all your questions and talk about problems. We give advice on all facets of the music industry; deals, marketing, touring / booking, publishing, production, legal etc. The alternative of an artist management contract/collaboration.

Consults are both online and physical.


One of the most underestimate activities in the music industry but sure one of the most important. 9/10 of the artists does their marketing wrong or does simply not have the knowledge. That is without a reason why artists do not get any or little engagement, even if they perform 3 times a week. We can help you with (digital) marketing in the form of a marketing plan, or a collaboration where we are maintaining and analyse your marketing activities.


Getting the most out of your tour, how do you do it? We help you with a well thought marketing plan / strategy so, that your tour is not only a memory but a success which you can build on. Doing tour preparations is/can also part of the job.


Is your website and social media looking good but is the configuration (i.e. strategy etc.) a mess? Or do you need something completely different? IMGMT builds (sometimes with partners) an appropriate website and social media profile, and configures it, so that it communicates well with your marketing dashboard/activities.


This contains almost all of the individual services. With release planning we mean: marketing, promotion, release, production and more. All for that record you are about to release. The mission is to get the best result out of this (record) release, wether it is a single, ep, album or video clip. We have done this for signed and undsigned artists i.e. labels.


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